People mostly associate DJ’s with club performances . However, a club performance and a restaurant performance are two different things. When performing at a club, the DJ is the ultimate epicentre of the show. Often, the DJ’s main goal is to make the crowd dance and give them an unforgettable night. When performing at a restaurant, the DJ’s role often operates in the background and the guests are the epicentre of the venue. The DJ plays the role of mood maker and aims to strike the perfect balance between ambiance and entertainment, while the guests enjoy their food, drinks and atmosphere. Through his or her music an experienced restaurant DJ can orchestrate the entire atmosphere and can even increase sales and time that guests spend at the venue, through proper music selection and timing.
Over the past years we have noticed an international trend, where increasingly more restaurants are embracing similar concepts and are aware of the importance of creating an experience for their guests through DJ’s, live music and other means in order to stand out from the rest of the competition. With our approach we take it even a step further. We do not only offer experienced restaurant DJ’s and instrumentalists who have a keen understanding of the dynamics that are so typical for a restaurant, but in addition we can provide a visual experience (by Visual Jocks or VJs) and an aromatic experience (by Aroma Jocks or AJs). The taste experience is naturally brought by the restaurant. The combination of these experiences is what leads to a so-called “multi-sensory event”. An event where the guests are completely submerged in an unforgettable experience designed and orchestrated by D32E.
Performing a multi-sensory event is a team effort. Therefore, our “Ensemble” consists of several artists, ranging from DJ’s, VJ’s, instrumentalists and other artists. The D32E experience fits well with larger middle to high segment restaurants. If you wish to know more about what we do or wish to make an appointment, please contact us.
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DJ optreden in restaurant